Revised GRE Composition and Duration

Many GRE aspirants want to know about the pattern of Revised GRE. Needless to say, ETS has changed the composition and length of the Test, though the sections remain the same. The following table shows the details of the pattern and length of the Revised GRE.

Section No. of Questions Time (Mins)
Analytical Writing  (1 Section) 1 Analyze an Issue + 1 Analyze an Argument 30 + 30
Verbal Reasoning
(Section 1 + Section 2)
20 (approx) + 20 (approx) 30 + 30
Quantitative Reasoning (Section 1 + Section 2) 20 (approx) + 20 (approx) 35 + 35
Unidentified Unscored Section (1 Verbal Reasoning OR 1 Quantitative Reasoning)


Identified Research Section

Varies Varies
TOTAL SECTIONS = 6  (1 AWA + 2 Verbal + 2 Quant) 3 hrs 45 mins + breaks

  • No matter what is written on various sites, according to ETS, the time for Analyzing the Issue task will be 30 mins and not 45 mins.
  • The Analytical Writing section will always be first, while the other five sections may appear in any order.
  • In the Test having an unscored section, the latter will be unidentified and may appear at any point in the Test.
  • In the Test having an research section, the latter will be definitely identified and will appear at the end of the Test.
  • 10-min. break will be given after the third section of the Test, and a 1-min. break will be given between the other sections of the Test.

Hope this post leaves you with NO confusions about the structure and duration of the Revised GRE. The changed scoring pattern in Revised GRE to be covered in another post.

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