Body Speak 1

We all know that body speaks. How???? Let us have a look at the following pics of Jackie Chan, a man who needs no introduction and is identifiable to one and all.

The pics above depict various emotions through the gestures only – some positive, some negative. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the gestures/ signs/ habits that make our body language negative. Obviously, by avoiding them, we can not only impress others, but also create a positive environment around us.

1. Standing TOO Close:

A lot of us do not understand the importance of the distance that we keep while interacting to others. We should remember that standing too close makes people feel uncomfortable. Each one of us has a personal area crossing which is allowed only to close friends and family.

2. Checking the Time:

The most disappointing gesture for someone speaking to you may be when you start looking at your watch. Please do it ONLY when you seriously want the speaker to stop the communication as soon as possible.

3. Resting Hands Behind the Head:

During a conversation, if we rest our hands behind our head, it means that we consider ourselves to be superior than the person(s) talking to us. While it may be considered to be an acceptable gesture among close friends, in professional world, it is a big NO.

4. Stroking or Touching the Chin:

When someone touches or strokes his/ her chin during the discussion, it is considered that he/ her is making an attempt to judge the person he/ she is in conversation with.  This gesture is actually very common when we are involved in decision making.

5. Yawning:

Give a big yawn during your conversation with someone, and heavens would bet, there is no better way to tell someone that he/ she is the biggest bore living at the moment. Though yawning cannot be controlled, it can certainly be prevented by being an effective listener.

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  1. Kamal Singh says:

    Very astute information !!

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