Text Completion Sample Questions @ Revised GRE (Post 1)

Select one entry for each blank from the correspoding column of choices. Fill all the blanks in a way that best completes the text.

1. Genessee dances with an (i) ________ that draws one’s attention as if by seeking to (ii) ________ it; through finesses and understatement, he manages to seem at once intensely present and curiously detached.

Blank (i) Blank (ii)
A. Undemonstrative panache D. focus
B. Unrestrained enthusiasm E. overwhelm
C. Unattractive gawkiness F. deflect

2. Just as author’s book on eels is often a key for courses in marine vertebrate zoology, their ideas on animal development and phylogeny ________ teaching in this area.

A. prevent

B. defy

C. replicate

D inform

E. use


Don’t scratch head guys!!! To know the answers, just follow till the next post on the title.

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