Euphemism: Using better words

Euphemism can be described as a substitution of an agreeable and subtle word for a potentially offensive or unpleasant expression to the receiver.

Many of us are not very good in using the words tactfully or appropriately and even though we speak correct English, we are quite often mis-interpreted. Professional world in which we all move, requires us to be polished in our day to day talk. That is why precise use of Euphemism becomes a must in industry and business. For Example,

Fat Woman

when referring to someone voluptuous , you can say overweight/ full-figure instead of FAT.

you can say differently abled/ physically challenged instead of HANDICAPPED.

instead of using the word LIE, you can use disinformation/ fabrication.


PREGNANT can be substituted by expecting

no vacancyIn Between jobs
can be used in place of UNEMPLOYED


SECRETARY sounds more respectable if referred to as  administrative assistant

Homemaker can be used while referring to a HOUSEWIFE


SECOND HAND/ USED can be called as previously owned


Office SpyingSurveillance can be used in place of SPYING


Hope, this post is useful for professionals interested in making their language more polite and impressive.

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