Sample Error Identification Questions @ SAT (Post 1)

SAT checks the writing skills of the test-takers through multiple choice writing skills section which has the following 3 types of questions, viz.

  1. Error Identification
  2. Sentence Improvement
  3. Paragraph Improvement

This post provides 5 sample questions for error identification, directions for which are:

These sentences may contain errors in grammar, usage, choice ofwords, or idioms. Either there is just one error in a sentence, or the sentence is correct. Some words or phrases are underlined and lettered; everything else in tehsentemnce is correct.

If an underlined word or phrase is incorrect, choose that letter; if the sentence is correct, select No error.

1. Sharon’s (A) and Joseph’s (B) father is a doctor.

2. Niether you nor I (A) has (B) been to the painter’s house ever.

3. All that (A) can be done has (B) done.

4. He made his escape by jumping through (A) a window and jumping into (B) a car on the move.

5. I went towards (A) him and asked him the best way to get out of (B) town.

Oh, don’t bang your head in case you don’t know/ are confused about the answers of questions above. Follow us till the next post on the title, and you will have the answers with explanations 🙂

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