Text Completion Sample Questions @ Revised GRE (Post 2)

Continuing from the previous post on the title, let us first check our answers of the questions in that post. Please refer below to the right answers for the questions we discussed in the previous post on the topic.

1). Blank (i)  – A. undemonstrative panache; Blank (ii) – F. deflect

2). Dinform

For more practice on Text Completion, select one entry for each blank from the options given below each sentence. Fill all the blanks in a way that best completes the text.

1.  The title ________ conveys the point of my paper.

A. loudly

B. succintly

C. perhaps

D. often

E. strictly

2. The author gives so much attention to avid descriptions of his hero’s clothes that the reader is bound to feel that such ________ concerns, although worthy of attention, have superseded the literary aims.

A. irrelevant

B. frivolous

C. sartorial

D. petty

E. insignificant

Oh, don’t get annoyed if the option choices in the above questions confuse you!!! To know the correct answers, WITH THE EXPLANATIONS this time, just keep following us till the next post on the title 🙂

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