Text Completion Sample Questions @ Revised GRE (Post 3)

Continuing from the previous post on the title, let us first check our answers of the questions in that post. Please refer below to the right answers for the questions asked in the previous post on the title.

1) B. succintly.


All the answers are correct according to the syntax. But semantically, “succintly” makes the best choice.

2).  C. sartorial


Each of the answer choices would have been correct if all the other else than itself were grammatically wrong. Choices a,b, d, e are all correct according to one logic or the other, and in case you choose any of these, you cannot defy the logic for the others of them. Choice C is the only one that has been hinted by the keyword “hero’s clothes”, thus it is the apt choice.

For more practice on Text Completion, select one entry for each blank from the options given below each sentence. Fill all the blanks in a way that best completes the text.

1.  The Head of the Department proclaimed the criterion that all projects had to be _______: they should not be on a topic previously researched by someone else.
A. extensive

B. acceptable

C.  original

D. relevant

E. permanent

2. Since the Sensex is falling down, the traders are _____________ about the huge losses they may incur.

A. perturbed

B. calm

C. unconcerned

D. relaxed

E. apathetic

Don’t scratch your head. If the above questions seem too difficult/ confusing to you, keep following us till the next post on the title 🙂

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