Contextual Vocab Questions

A sigh of relief for many students is that TOEFL does not ask you literary meaning of the words. TOEFL tests you on vocab rather in the reading section by making you solve context based questions. the good news is that you may sail totally safe by choosing the implied meaning of the word asked in the question. General TOEFL question about Vocab in context may look like the following:

  • The word/ phrase _______ in the passage means __________.
  • What is ________ ?
  • The word/ phrase _______ in the passage is closest in the meaning to _________?
  • The word/ phrase _______ in the paragraph ___ refers to a type of ________.

To answer such questions correctly you must use context/ structural clues instead of the literal meaning of the word.

Contextual clues are clues you get from the overall reading of the paragraph/ passage. Structural clues are the hints you get from usage of certain words, phrases, grammatical structures. We will practice contextual vocab questions in the posts to follow under Sample Questions for TOEFL.

Till then, keep visiting the blog 🙂 …

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