GRE or GMAT???

Revision of the GRE Test and the acceptance of its score by B Schools the world over has given rise to certain important questions in the minds of aspirants taking the GRE/ GMAT after August 2011, …

  1. “Is GRE going to be more popular a test than GMAT now?”
  2. “Which is more beneficial – GRE/ GMAT for MBA now?”
  3. “Which is easier – GRE/ GMAT after GRE gets revised?”
  4. “What are the pros/ cons of GRE and GMAT vis a vis each other?”

We asked the above questions to the team our Xpert Trainers and Xpert Content Developers, and reached the following conclusions on the basis of their answers…

  1. If the news published by ETS is to be believed (can it get more authentic???), GRE has left GMAT behind on the popularity charts!!!
  2. Many students find themselves in a fix when it comes to decide firmly about choosing their post graduate education (sounds impossible??? ask students, eh!!!). Revision of GRE now presents them with an unprecedented opportunity of taking the score of the same test for their MBA applications. This way these students will be saved of preparing for two separate tests, paying their respective fees and managing their time for both.
  3. GRE has been revised to match the standard + pattern of GMAT. So it is hard to say which of the tests is easier. But that said, GRE, even after the revision does not get as exhaustive a test as GMAT in verbal reasoning. AWA is now same as that for GMAT, in both, composition and time.
  4. Pros and Cons of GRE and GMAt have been discussed in the table below:
S.No. Criterion GRE GMAT
1 Scores Can be used for MS/ MA/ Ph.D/ MBA Useful for only Graduate Business Degree
2 Test Centres Available in more cities Available in less cities
3 Fees USD 190 (universally, after the early discounts are over) USD 250 (universal)
4 Verbal Reasoning Relatively Easier Relatively Difficult
5 Quantitative Section More formula Based More logic Based

The above analysis is useful particularly for those candidates that want to take GRE/ GMAT till June 3, 2012. GMAT is getting revised on June 4, 2012, and it will have an additional Integrated Reasoning Section from then onwards. It remains to be seen if the test makers will make the test easier/ friendlier to the test takers so as to beat GRE in popularity.

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