Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall…

The subject of this post is a famous line said by the great Confucius. Today we face so many threats from the world we live in. But the biggest fear comes from within… the fear to fall. Even the most non technical analysis tells us that the main reason behind this fear is not the fall itself but being witnessed by the whole world while we fall.

Many of us work day in  and day out out to top the list of the performers in our chosen fields, and try to make ourselves conform up to the standards the world expects from us.  There are many  others who do not care about th world though, but are still working relentlessly to achieve their set goals. The thought of any fall in the way to success for both gives them  jitters since it seems to have a potential of eventually culminating in a failure.

Everyone of us knows that all who reach zenith in their fields had to and will have to face struggles to taste success. After all, there has been NO MOUNTAINEER WHO REACHED THE PEAK OF MT. EVEREST AND STAYED THERE FOR EVER. So even those who reach  unscaled heights are bound to get low in their personal as well as professional lives.

The success awaits those who believe that SUCCESS IS NOT PERMANENT, THE SAME WAY AS FAILURE IS NOT  FINAL. So every time we fall, instead of brooding  over the fall and wasting our precious time, we should rather get up and get moving as soon as possible with full faith in our capabilities and full hope for our success at last.

The videos below may prove to be quite inspiring in getting up every time we fall…

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