TOEFL vis-a-vis SAT

This post is for all the students/ parents/ teachers/ trainers who get confused between the utility and comparative advantage of the two tests namely TOEFL and SAT, when it comes to the admission tests for higher education abroad.          

The colleges and universities in US require applicants to take at least one standardized admission test for various levels of higher education.  For those who want to pursue undergraduate programs, SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is most often than not A MUST, and for those who are non natives of America TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) is an additional PREREQUISITE. While some schools may require both SAT I (Mathematical and Verbal Reasoning) and SAT II, and others require ACT , TOEFL still remains compulsory for all international  students.

  • TOEFL evaluates the ability of  the candidates to understand North American English
  • TOEFL  is given by nearly all major colleges in the USA
  • TOEFL evaluates the linguistic skills of non English speakers
  • TOEFL comprises of 3 sections, namely, Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expressions, and Reading Comprehension
  • TOEFL also typically gives a written English test, in which the test takers are required to write an appropriate essay on a specific topic

  • SAT tests potential college applicants for the feasibility of admission for undergraduate programs and tests the candidates by common testing.
  • SAT is given by nearly all major colleges in the USA
  • SAT evaluates the academic strengths and weaknesses of the test takers
  • SAT I tests Mathematics and Verbal reasoning skills
  • SAT II tests aptitude for subjects like  English Literature, U.S. History, World History, Level 1 and Level 2 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and certain languages

So all those who are confused as to whether to take TOEFL or SAT for their undergraduate studies in specially USA, they should rather take BOTH.

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