Sentence Correction (Post 2)

Apologies to all those who have been following for the answers of the previous post on the topic. Please find below, the answers of the exercise given in that post.

  1. Replace “since” with “from“.
  2. Replace “would” with “will” .
  3. Replace “realized” with “realizes” .
  4. Replace “which” with “that” .
  5. Replace “have” with “has”.
  6. Replace “told” with “tell”.
  7. Replace “to broach” with “broaching” .
  8. Replace “complain in” with “complain against” .
  9. Replace “will” with “would”.
  10. Replace “Harming” with “To harm”.
Now let us practice some more examples:
  1. The only way for the parents to keep their child happy seems to listen to their ever increasing  demands everyday, and fulfill them as much as possible.
  2. Japan’s government said that the cost of the eathquake and tsunami, estimated at US$ 309 billion may have made it the world’s costliest natural disaster.
  3. He is getting  married with her.
  4. Though any healthcare professional can provide Palliative care, there are experts in this field whose help should be sought so as to provide the best quality of life to the patients.
  5. How well you perform in the Test depends on if you have planned well or not, executed that plan effectively or not, and have prepared brilliantly or not.

If this is how your mind has reacted to the questions above, follow us till the next post on the title. We will be back very soon.

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