IELTS Calls for Research Grant and Awards

For those looking for Research Grants and Proposals, there is one of the most awaited news …

IELTS, in association with its partners has made call for proposals for IELTS-related research projects to be conducted during 2012. The total grant funding will be at least £130,000 (AUS$215,000).

Individuals and educational institutions with expertise in language learning and assessment research are invited to apply for funding to undertake applied research projects in relation to the IELTS and English language testing. Selected papers will be published in IELTS Research Reports (Volumes 1 to 11 of IELTS Research Reports are accessible at ). 

Areas of interest for 2011/2012:

  1. Test development and validation issues
  2. Issues relating to contexts of test use
  3. Issues of test impact
  4. Issues of current interest in relation to IELTS
Application Deadline:

Applications must be submitted by 30 June 2011 with research to commence by January 2012.

Please click on the following for further details:

IELTS Research Grants for 2011/2012

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