The Technical Changes @ Revised GRE

We have already covered the structural changes being incorporated in the Revised GRE. This post discusses the technical changes being made to revise the GRE.


Current GRE

Revised GRE

1. Calculator NOT allowed On-screen calculator ALLOWED in Quant Section
2. Does NOT allow  to skip the questions Questions can be skipped and TAGGED to be attempted later
3. Answer once marked CANNOT be changed Answers CAN be changed/ edited
4. Does NOT allow to move back/ forth Back/ forth movement is ALLOWED within one section
5. Only ONE OPTION can be the correct answer MORE THAN ONE answer choices can be correct. Each has to be chosen.
6. Answers had to be chosen from the options GIVEN
  • In Reading Comprehension, answers may require to highlight a part of the passage.
  • In Quantitative Section, some questions may require to write the numeric answer in the box provided

All in all, the Revised GRE will test the reasoning and decision making prowess of the candidates taking the Test. For those who apply logic to solve real life problems, the Test may be easier, but for those who rely on rote method, the Revised GRE may bring big challenges. Team Verbal Xpert wishes all of you … 

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