AWA Unplugged!!!

Thanks to all our readers who visit the blog religiously. Team Verbal Xpert appreciates your response, acknowledges your requests, and promises hereby, to live up to your expectations.

With respect to the requests we have been receiving regarding the posts for Analytical Writing  Assessment (AWA) Section for GMAT and GRE, we are pleased to inform that we will be soon starting separate series on Analysis of the Issue (AoI) and  Analysis of Argument (AoA), each for GMAT and Revised GRE.

The posts will NOT be sample essays, since Verbal Xpert is totally AGAINST spoonfeeding the test takers and restraining their thought process. We will be just discussing only the main flaws in the AoAs and different perspectives to various AOIs.

The first post will be published early next week in which we will discuss Topic 1 from the AoA list published by ETS for Revised GRE. Till then, keep finding flaws in arguments, keep writing, and keep practicing AWAs.

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