Words Often Confused (Post 1)

Many of the beginners who are learning to speak correct English face problems such as getting confused between the meanings of words that are spoken in the same or similar manner.

Though the list of such words may be quite exhaustive, we are going to present a series of the words most often confused.

Here is the first such list

S. No.





Accept to take

He has to accept my gift.

 Expect leaving out Everyone expect Josephina was present.


Addition  putting more In addition to poverty he was unemployed.
Edition  a number of books at a time This is the latest edition of my book.


Accede to agree

My boss has acceded to my request of taking us out for a trip and we are going on the 17th of this month.

Exceed to be more or greater

The expenditure has exceeded my budget.



Alter  change Please do not alter your Schedule  to see the Taj.
Altar place of worship Many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives at the altar of motherland.



Bale naked He came here bare footed.
Bear (i) an animal I saw a bear in a zoo.
(ii) to carry Being exhausted, he could not bear the burden .


Berth  seat I have got a berth reserved in Rajhdhani Express.
Birth  to come to life His sister has given birth to a baby boy.


Cast  to throw I asked him to cast this rotten apple in the dustbin.
Caste class of society position We must not be concerned about the castes of those who meet.
Cost  price The cost this pen is forty rupees.


Ceiling inner part of the roof The ceiling of my room needs repairs.
Sealing act of putting a seal The peon has sealing a bundle of book.


Career life You will destruct your career if you do not work hard.
Carrier   bone who carries Dirty water is carrier of many diseases.


Cell  a small room in a person The murderer has been kept in a cell in the jail.
Sell to give for price He will sell the fish in the market.


Check  to stop You can’t check him from doing faults.
Cheque order to a pay money  I have issued a cheque.


Cattle  animal I saw a number of cattle in the farm.
Kettle  pot The water in the Kettle is boiling.

For the second list, please follow us till Post 2 on the topic. We will be back very soon.

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