After SAT: Scholarships in US Universities

Pursuing undergraduate studies in American Universities is a common dream these days. But the sheer cost of pursuing this dream at those Univesrsities is an amount which might dig a big hole in the pocket of the guardians/ parents of the students belonging to “not so affluent” class. This can be understood by the fact that the average cost (tuition + living expenses) per year for study in the US may range from $ 15,000 to $ 40,000 for an year.

For the reason as discussed above, many international students end up cutting their living  costs one way or the other when studying in US. While this may be quite a practicable idea, better still can be to  find and avail a scholarship whih would eventually not only cut the cost of living in US, but also provide an added, sometimes required, gloss to the student profile.

Fortunately, most of the Universities, including the most sought afte Ivy League ones, offer scholarships for international students. Though the first setp in the direction  is to score good in SAT, after which, one has to apply to the College of one’s choice and get accepted, the actual process starts much before. An intelligent student student starts searching and submitting applications for scholarships and grants a year prior to the beginning of the academic period during which one would need them. 

Th search for the scholarship may be made by getting in touch with the financial aid department at the university or college one would be attending. Websites like, or might also be quite helpful. The best part is that some colleges and universities have programs or aid options that are specifically oriented towards helping international students pay tuition costs.

Now when you know how to go about it, what are you waiting for? Jump up strong in case you are eying an admission in the fall 2012.



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