Sample Error Identification Questions (Post 3)

Continuing from our previous post on Error Identification in Sentences, let us first discuss the answers of the sample questions of that post :

1. C. Every human being is selfish, some are more and some less.

2. C. The terrace of old fashioned houses accommodating twenty families has been electrified.

3. A. Roger has never forgotten and he will never forget the wrong done to him.

4. B. Let me tell you that this is the horse that I saw yesterday.

5. B. The teacher announced that the boy needed not go to the Principal.

Now let us practice from more sample questions on error identification.

These sentences may contain errors in grammar, usage, choice of words, or idioms. Either there is just one error in a sentence, or the sentence is correct. Some words or phrases are underlined and lettered; everything else in the sentence is correct. If an underlined word or phrase is incorrect, choose that letter; if the sentence is correct, select “No error”.

1. I will go there  (A) at noon, (B) on a day that is a weekday, (C) in the month of November (D). No Error.

2. The statue of the cat was covered (A) by a big black sheet (B) kept near a pillar (C) and was actually Lintona’s creation (D).  No Error.

 3. The entire day my mother kept on (A) asking me (B) to wear the jacket above the shirt (C) but I did not obey (D).  No Error.

4. Michelle made her escape by (A) jumping through (B) a window and in (C) a car on the move (D). No Error.

5. Imran has promised me (A) to come to my place (B) and take me out for (C) a dinner in the weekend (D). No Error.

Oh, don’t bang your head in case you don’t know/ are confused about the answers of questions above. Follow us till the next post on the title, and you will have the answers with explanations 🙂

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