Specific Rules for Prepositions (Post 1)

English, even while it emerges as the most sought after language that the people want to learn, remains quite enigmatic for many of us. Even while we write this, the team working on this post is having a dispute about whether it should be “over” or “on” in the sentence… Most of us want to have command _______ the language.

Since prepositions can be most confusing most often than not to many a people, Verbal Xpert now presents a series of posts on rules related to prepositions. Initially we start with specific combinations. For example, Doubt About. This means that the word “doubt” always takes “about” after it.

You can follow the list given below:

S.No. Usage
1 Act Upon I shall certainly act upon my senior’s advice.
2 Add To Add 3 to 5, and you get 8.
3 Afraid Of I am extremely afraid of lions.
4 Aim At Aim at moon, and you land at  stars.
5 Amount To His expenses aount to $200 every month.
6 Approve Of Even my best friend did not approve of my plans to go abroad.
7 Ashamed Of I am not ashamed of anything which I do with clear conscience.
8 Astonished At I was astonished at the good performance given by my sister at stage.
9 Avail Of We must avail ourselves of the opportunities that come our way.
10 Aware of I was not aware of the fun the trip had in store for me.

Keep following till the next list.

Go to: Prepositions Post 2

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