Specific Rules for Prepositions (Post 2)

The list of the next few words is given below:

Beg Of Dear To Ignorant Of
Believe In Depend Upon Ill With
Belong To Displeased With Injurious To
Beware Of Doubt About Interested In
Boast Of Eager For Intimate With
Busy With Escape From Introduce To
Candidate For Exception To Invite To
Cheat Of Faithful To Jealous Of
Commit To Familiar With Lame Of
Complaint Against Fit For Laugh At
Comply With Famous For Lead To
Composed Of Free From Limit To
Congratulate On Gain By Listen To
Consent To Good For Loyal To
Contrary To Guard Against Made Of
Control Over Guilty Of Married To
Convinced Of Hear Of Meet With
Count On Heir To Mistake For
Courteous To Hide From Necessary For
Cured Of Hit Upon Obedient To

Keep following for the next list. 

Go To : Prepositions   Post 1

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