GMAT Maths: General Tips

Many of the students especially those, who have for long not been in touch with Maths find the preparation for the Quant Section quite dreadful. This posts is specially for them. Though all those preparing for GMAT may find it to be benefitting in its structure and content. So unless you know that you are substantially good in quant section, you may read on…

  1. Quite a lot of times, we feel that those who score good in quant are those who KNOW all/ most of the shortcuts to solve various Quant questions. Let us clear the air here only that GMAT DOESN’T give many questions which can be solved by applying those shortcuts. So relying heavily on short cuts may not work.
  2. The questions given range from easy to medium difficulty level only and can be solved with FULL accuracy by anyone who has his/ her basics (Maths till 10th Std) clear if GMAC decides to give ENDLESS time to solve the paper. Alas! that’s not the case. So the first thing that we ought to do is learn the techniques and develop the habit of TIME management.
  3. To save time the most effective method is to make calculations faster, thus making it a prerequisite to not only know our formulas well, but know the tables, squares and cubes till 30.
  4. Calculations can be further paced up by applying VEDIC MATHS fundamentals and doing mental calculations till as long as possible.
  5. As per the age-old maxim “practice makes perfect“, make sure you PRACTICE variety of questions on every topic and do NOT develop a habit of leaving the calculations mid way once an intermediate equation is developed (thinking that now you can easily do it). This habit may be extremely harmful in making you understand how fast your are at doing calculations.
  6. This said, we know that every skill takes time to be mastered. Thus try to only come out of your comfort zone while solving the problems and try to calculate FASTER. DO NOT aim for drastic improvement in speed, else you may end in doing silly mistakes and getting frustrated at the speed you are working on.
  7. Get all your work cross checked if possible by someone who is good at Maths. Not only there may be unnecessary steps that you might be doing, there may be an easier approach to the solve the same problem.  
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