General Introduction: Sample Questions – Post 2

Taking forward, the series that we started from our previous post, let us take note of some other questions that are asked on the General Introduction in Speaking Test of IELTS .

  1. What hobbies do you have?
  2. What benefits do you derive from you hobby(ies)?
  3. Do you like sports? What kind of sports/ sporting activities do you prefer?
  4. What kind of food do you like eating and why?
  5. What place is your favourite to spend time with family or friends on the weekends?
  6. What is your favourite dressing style? Why?
  7. What kind of vacations do you like to go for?
  8. What do you enjoy most about trips to your favourite destination?
  9. Which city in the world is your favourite and why?
  10. What will you like a visitor to see in your country?
  11. What kind of place do you like to live in?
  12. Tell me about your typical weekday/ weekend.
  13. What are the various means of entertainment in your society?
  14. Tell me something about a person who has inspired you recently.

These questions, along with those discussed in Post 1 on  the topic, covers almost the entire scope of questions that are asked on General Introduction. But there is definitely more that can be and has been asked. For all such questions, keep following us till the next post on topic.

Happy Preparations, and All the Best 🙂

Go to: General Introduction Sample Questions Post 1, Cue Cards Sample Questions Post 1

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