GMAT is considered to be THE most difficult of all tests that are organised to check the aptitude of candidates for higher studies. More so, because it is test designed for those who are already on their career paths. Here are the answers of most frequently asked questions about GMAT:

1. Why GMAT?                                                                               Answer: All the leading business schools world over recognize the GMAT as the most effective reflector of managerial aptitude. 

If you are already working and feel that pursuing management education will open wider opportunities for you, taking GMAT may be an intelligent option. 

2. What does it check?                                                                                                        Answer:  Verbal, Mathematical, and Analytical and Writing skills.

3. In how many langauges is the GMAT conducted?                                                 Answer: One language, i.e. English.

4. Is the GMAT paper based/ computer based?                                                                Answer: Computer Based.

5. GMAT is computer adaptive. What does it mean?                                            Answer: Being computer adaptive means that the Exam becomes more difficult with each question answered correctly. The first question on the Exam is of medium difficulty after which the Exam adapts with the level of your score and gives you questions according to the level of your ability.

6. Is GMAT changing?                                                                                                              Answer: Yes, from June 5, 2012.

7. What will the new GMAT look like?                                                                              Answer: The Next Generation GMAT will have a new section named Integrated Reasoning which will start immediately after the essay question

The time duration will remain the same, i.e. 3 hours, 30 minutes (four hours with breaks). Immediately after the essay question, the Integrated Reasoning section will start. There will be optional breaks before and after the Quantitative sections. The rest of  the changes can be understood by looking into the following table:   

8. What is the total score for GMAT? What is the pattern ?                                   Answer: The total score is 800 and will remain the same even after the change. The pattern can be understood in details by reading our upcoming post named “Roar High, Score High @ GMAT”.

Point to remember is that there is nothing like passing or failing on GMAT since various Business Schools evaluate the applicants on various criteria and GMAT is just one of them.

9. For how many years, is the score valid?                                                                       Answer: 5 years

10. Is there any break in the Exam?                                                                                               Answer:  Currently, there are 2 optional breaks, one after the Analytical Writing, and the other after the Quantitative Section, but the New Gen GMAT will have the first optional break after the Integrated Reasoning (i.e. 1 hr after the Test begins) and the other after the Quantitative Section.

While there is no bonus if you do not take any break, there is a heavy penalty (in form of the next suffering a deduction of the extra time taken for the break) in case you avail an extra break.

11. Can I access my personal belongings during the break?                                       Answer: Barring snacks and necessary items, like medication to be taken at a specified time, nothing can be accessed during breaks.

12. What will be the pattern of Integrated Reasoning section?                 Answer: The Integrated Reasoning Section will comprise of 4 question formats, viz. Multisource Reasoning, Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation, and Two Part Analysis.

There will be 12 questions which may have multiple (more than one) answers. Though the Test will not be computer adaptive, going back will not be allowed. 

It is for the Integrated Reasoning section only, that the candidates will be able to use an online calculator. 

For more details on Integrated Reasoning, pls wait for our upcoming post titled “Demystification of Integrated Reasoning on GMAT”.

13. What is the fees for the Exam?                                                                               Answer:  US $250 everywhere and anywhere in the world.

14. When is the GMAT organised?                                                                                Answer: The exam is organised throughout the year.

15. When should I take GMAT?                                                                                            Answer: The date can be taken according to one’s own convenience though the available slots change continuously based on capacity and ongoing registration. Also, care should be taken so that the date is not too close to the session you want to take the admission in since it takes up to 20 days to receive the official score report.

16. How to register for GMAT?                                                                                             Answer: One has to register oneself as a user at Personal details should be filled meticulously and the name, date of birth, country of citizenship should be EXACTLY as they appear on your identification document to be presented at the Exam Center. Be cautious, since slightest of the mismatches here have the potential to make you denied the permission to tke the Exam that too without giving you a refund!!!

17. How many times can I take the GMAT?                                                                           Answer: Once every month and no more than five times in a 12-month’s time.

18. What if want to reschedule my GMAT?                                                                                  Answer: GMAT can be rescheduled online. For a reschedule to be done at least 7 days before the original test date, a service fee is charged but the entire test fee is not fined. Remember though, that the new date scheduled has to be within six months of the original appointment.

19. What if I want to cancel my GMAT appointment?
Answer: Cancellation can be done online. If done at least 7 days before the Exam date, a partial refund of US $80 may be done. If you cancel your appointment within 7 full calendar days of your scheduled test date and time, you may forfeit your entire registration fee.

20. Will the Colleges be able to see my previous score(s)?                                            Answer: Your Official Score Reports will include ALL GMAT exams you might have taken over a period of 5 years. If you have taken the exam but canceled the scores, your report will show that the scores to be unreportable and not include them.

21. Is preparation mandatory before the GMAT?                                                                  Answer: Though it is not mandatory to prepare for GMAT, a well planned preparation is almost a prerequisite for a substantial score on  GMAT. 

22. How much time do I need to prepare for GMAT?                                                      Answer: Depends on your knowledge of and mastery over the concepts tested as also on the ability to learn and master the concepts you may be weak at. On an average, a planned preparation under an expert guidance usually doesn’t stretch beyond 4- 5 months. 


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