IELTS, considerably the most popular language test among those who want to study/ migrate to native English speaking countries has become so popular not because of its objectivity, reliability and acceptance worldwide. Here are the answers of most frequently asked questions about IELTS:

1. What is IELTS?                                                                               Answer: IELTS is the abbreviation for International English Language Testing System. It is a language proficiency test which is mandatory to be taken in almost all higher education institutes in the countries that have their mother tongue as English.

Besides the educational institutes, most of the employers looking for skilled workers from abroad also ask for their IELTS scores if the latter aren’t from native English speaking countries.

2. Who can take IELTS?                                                                                                        Answer: Anyone who study in/ migrate to an English Speaking Country.

3. Should I take IELTS or some other Test?                                                        Answer: Before deciding whether you should take IELTS or some other language Test, do a little homework by finding out what is the requirement in the university(ies)/ organisation(s)/ country(ies) you want to apply to. If IELTS is the most commonly asked Test, go for it.

4. What does it check?                                                                                                  Answer:  Language Skills in all the four key areas, viz.  Listening, Reading. Writing and Speaking skills.

5. Is IELTS paper based/ computer based?                                                                Answer: Paper Based.

6. What is Academic IELTS/ General Training?                                               Answer: Academic IELTS for those who want to go for higher studies, while General Training is for those who want to apply for migration. 

7. What is the structure of IELTS?                                                                                           Answer: Structure for Academic IELTS differs from that of General Training. 


  1. In Listening Test, 10 mins extra are given to transfer the answers to the answer sheet. But in Reading, the transfer has to  be done in 60 mins time only.
  2. The Listening, Reading and Writing Tests are done in the same order on the Test Date only.
  3. The Speaking test is conducted on the same day or up to seven days before/ after the other tests. The details of the exact location of the test venue address and timings is provided in the Hall ticket and the Test Details letter that reach you at least five days before the test.

8. What is the fees for IELTS?                                                                                                   Answer: Currently, it is Rs 8900.

9. How can one get registered for the Test?                                                         Answer: One can get registered for British Council IELTS by either going to their regional office or visiting the following url :

The registration for IDP IELTS can be made by either going to their regional office or visiting the following url:

Once the online registration process is completed, the following documents are to be sent to the authorities within 3 working days:

Imp: If the above mentioned documents aren’t received within 3 working days of your online registration, your application will be automatically cancelled.

10.  Can I postpone/ cancel my IELTS date? If yes, how?                             Answer:  If the postponement or cancellation of IELTS Test is done till more than 5 weeks before the test date, the fees is refunded after subtracting the administration charge. But for a postponement or cancellation within 5 weeks of the test date, one is charged the full fee unless a proof of being medically unfit is submitted. If  a medical certificate is provided within 5 days of the test date, a refund minus the local administrative cost is made.

11. How many times can I take IELTS  in an year?                                           Answer: However many times (no limit).

12. What all can be taken inside for the Test?                                                   Answer:  IELTS allows you to take only pens, pencils, erasers, passport/national identity card you used on the IELTS Application Form to the test. Mobile phones, pagers,etc are to be switched off and placed with in the area designated by the supervisor. Failure to do so results in disqualification of the candidate.                                                               

13. For how long is IELTS score valid?                                                                  Answer: 2 Years.

14.  Will I get any break in the Test?                                                                      Answer: No. 

15.  When is the IELTS organised?                                                                          Answer: The exam is organised throughout the year.

16. When do I receive my test Result?                                                                   Answer: IELTS declares the result on the 13th day from your Test

17. Can I apply for a re-check if I feel that my test result is wrong?         Answer: Application may be made for an”enquire on results” procedure at your test centre. But this has to be done within 6 weeks of your test date. An enquiry fee is charged for the same, which is fully refunded in case your band score changes. 

18. Is preparation mandatory before the IELTS?                                             Answer: Though it is not mandatory to prepare for IELTS, a well planned preparation is almost a prerequisite for a substantial score on  IELTS.


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