Resume Xpert

Be an entry level professional or an experienced one, when it comes to looking out for your next career move or a new job, a great looking resume is what is required as a prerequisite to make you through the tough competition and get an interview call. Research shows that out of every 10 resume only 1 gets shortlisted. So what makes an outstanding resume? Well your educational grades, professional experience and other academic / non-academic achievements are non-replicable but what matters the most is the presentation of these. How good you lay them out, how good you put them up on your resume will get your resume shortlisted.

Resume Xpert is a special service of Verbal Xpert, under which we help you design your resume according to the market trend and highlight the strengths and the positive points you have. In all, we make your resume more marketable according to the industry needs.

We also help you to write the following, that various Graduate and Business schools ask you for, at the time of application.

  • Essays
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

Admissions committees of various colleges consider the essays as the swing vote in the admit/deny issue. Why? Because the essays offer the most substance about who you really are. Your score reveals little about you, only that you won’t crash and burn. Your work history provides a record of performance and justifies your stated desire to study business. But the essays tie all the pieces of the application together and create a summary of your experiences, skills, background, and beliefs.

Almost all good college applications require two to three letters of recommendation from third parties capable of commenting on your qualifications for business school. Why? Letters of Recommendation serve an essential purpose in the application process by adding the perspective of others. They are meant to supplement everything you set forth in your own essays and personal interview.

By the Xpert help, you are guaranteed to have the best essays, SOPs and LORs.


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