GMAT Xpert

GMAT Xpert is a special course designed for learners who are already walking through their career path, but want to upgrade their profiles by pursuing MBA at a Business School of international repute and widen their path ahead with ever greater opportunities.

GMAT is recognized world over by the leading business schools and management education programs, as the most effective predictor of success and is used for the assessment of your qualifications for advanced study in business and management.

GMAT tests you on your analytical, writing, quantitative and verbal skills. While most of the candidates are already quite efficient to crack the quantitative section, analytical writing assessment and verbal section come as the biggest test for their suitability for the business and management programs at their favorite B Schools.

GMAT Xpert prepares you brilliantly to master each and every question type asked in GMAT. The step by step preparation approach customized for every student also makes the course most sought after among the GMAT aspirants.

GMAT Xpert is aimed at developing your ability to

Reading Comprehension

GMAT gives you Reading Comprehension questions to measure your ability to understand, analyze, and apply information and concepts presented in written form.  To score well, you are required to

  • Understanding words and statements in reading passages,
  • Understanding the logical relationships between significant points and concepts in the reading passages,
  • Drawing inferences from facts and statements in the reading passages, and
  • Understanding and following the development of quantitative concepts as they are presented in verbal material.

Critical Reasoning

GMAT stands as the premier to test the candidates on their critical reasoning (CR) skills. By far, the most dreaded question type, CR assesses your reasoning skills involved in making arguments, evaluating arguments, and formulating or evaluating a plan of action.

GMAT Xpert draws upon its design by various CR experts. The stepwise approach to develop CR makes you develop your reasoning skills upto the requisite standard. The content is based on materials from a variety of subjects and familiarizes you with a vast variety of topics. To score well, you are made efficient to reason effectively in three areas as tested by GMAT, viz.

  • Argument construction
  • Argument evaluation
  • Formulating and evaluating a plan of action

Sentence Correction

You all must have solved countless sentence correction (SC) questions in one form or the other till date. GMAT gives you SC with the particular purpose of testing you on your ability to:

  • use stylistic conventions and grammatical rules of standard written English and
  • improve incorrect or ineffective expressions,

GMAT Xpert makes you familiar with the rules and makes you adept with the tricks to solve such questions.

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

GMAT tests your analytical writing skills through this section.  It gives you 2 writing tasks, viz.

  1. Analysis of an Issue and
  2. Analysis of an Argument.

Analysis of an Issue requires you to analyze the issue given presented and explain your perspective on it.  It tests your ability to explore the complexities of an issue or opinion and, if appropriate, to take a position that is informed by your understanding.

Analysis of an Argument asks you to analyze the reasoning behind the argument given and present its critique. It tests your ability to formulate an appropriate and constructive critique of a specific conclusion based on a specific line of thinking.

GMAT Xpert understands the nuances of the Test very well and makes you practice rigorously for each of the question type. With the well planned approach and Xpert guidance, your dream score in GMAT will soon be a reality.


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